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Renewal of British Passport Applications cannot be submitted in person anymore. Her Majesty’s Passport Office changed the procedure of application and application forms as of 28 October 2013. From now on applications must be sent directly to the UK, the Pretoria Passport Centre closed down for any applications from South Africa.

We send you all the forms to be completed as well as guidelines. We assist “step by step” via email and telephone with completion of the passport application forms.

We arrange for collection of all documents by our registered reputable couriers – anywhere in South Africa.

All original documents & new passport will be delivered to your door – anywhere in South Africa.

Types of British Passport Renewals:


Recent Renewal of British Passport

Applicant currently holds a valid British passport and wants to renew his/her British passport (within 10 years from its expiry).

Standard renewal application procedure applies.

Renewal of British Passport – Expired in less than 10 years

Applicant holds a British passport that has expired for a period less than 10 years.

Standard renewal application procedure applies.

Renewal of British Passport – Expired for longer than 10 years

Applicant had a British passport before but it has expired for a period longer than 10 years.

The UK government’s data base has improved in the past 15 years. Passport issues can be resolved much easier than before. The application will be treated as a first passport application in the event of a passport been expired longer than 10 years ago or the last passport was issued more than 15 years ago.

The British government cannot refuse your application if your British citizenship was not formally renounced. Unfortunately all qualifying criteria will have to be submitted again.

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